GIVEAWAY :- Anniversery Izzaty Hedry & Wazir Yang Ke 5 Tahun

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Love brought you together ,
As future husband and future wife, 
And gave each of you A best friend for life, 
Happy in love Anniversary, Izzaty & Wazir! ;)

A light, happy heart,
A bright, happy day
That's what you're wished
With much love today! 
Happy in love Anniversary, again Izzaty & Wazir ;)

Tarikh tutup: 22 julai 2011

mudah mudahan ada rezeki saya..ameenn ;)


☀ Izzaty Hedry☀ said...

thnx dear.!.=)

☀ Izzaty Hedry☀ said...

thniah sbb jdi pemenang dlm ga zaty ..:)